Coin Wave Production - Manta Network: Privacy Solution on Polkadot

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2 min readFeb 28, 2022

Manta is a parachain solution with Layer 1 constructed on Polkadot through zkSNARKs to safeguard the privacy of transfers, transactions, and other DeFi activities.

Track: privacy protection

Two Apps and Other Products Likely to Be Developed:

Private Payment Agreement: Main encrypted assets on Polkadot ecology, such as stable coins and encapsulated BTC, are encapsulated and minted privately, allowing users to pay and store encrypted assets with private tokens.

Token Swap Agreement — A decentralized exchange is constructed to ensure clients swap these private assets. As if a private version of uniswap, this agreement cannot be found in the current DeFi world.

Subsequent products — Private loans, private synthesized assets, private aggregated insurances, and other components essential for building a private DeFi.

Strengths (Highlights):

1. Manta uses zkSNARK, an algorithm solution, to safeguard the privacy of each transaction and users’ identities. When users check their transactions, their actions are free from the supervision of a second person. Besides, the algorithm is combined with interoperable actions (through Polkadot).

2. Manta is the only decentralized, private, encrypted asset agreement based entirely on the cryptographical hypothesis. More specifically, Manta’s privacy first serves the encrypted assets and financial data on the chain, rather than functions as a privacy protection solution for off-chain data.

Token Economy

Calamari is the main canary network of Manta, and KMA is the token for the main network.

Token distribution is listed as below:

Investment Institutions:

Cooperation Ecology:

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