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2 min readMay 12, 2022

On May 5, 2022, Hoo launched the quantitative grid Trading function. Welcome to earn U.

On May 6, Sony Electronics will work with theta labs to launch the Tiki Guy, a 3D NFT series.

On May 9, Aurora DAO approves $AURORA staking contract; Cardano updated to v1.4.1.

On May10, Avalanche’s original loan agreement Yeti Finance led the launch of the YUSD-USDC Pool; Cronos mainnet upgrade v0.7.0 “Huygens”; Celo Camp Batch 5 Teams Announced; Shiden Network has won its the second parachain auction with the total amount of 12252 KSM;

On May 11, BSC Testnet will undergo a scheduled hardfork around 03:18 UTC; Hold AMA meeting for oasis financing

On May 12, Mainnet shadow fork 3 had no major issues, Mainnet shadow fork 4 planned for May 12; From May 9 to May 12, the Avalanche ecological multifunctional defi platform hHexagon Finance will launch the first LBP on Avalanche; Klaytn-Covalent Unified Hackathon lasted from May 12 to May 26.

On May 13, Subsquid will host a Development Workshop on Subsquids YouTube channel — May 13th at 11am CET; Hold Ecosystem Optimization conference Nearspace: Ecosystem Optimization; Artists Cry Baby Gallery and Cryptorontonians are preparing to launch a new NFT in Rialto, the NFT market in Zilliqa.

On May 19, Cosmos founder Jae Kwon’s new project Gno.land airdrop snapshot time was advanced to May 19.

On May 20, Terra Hacker House ends.

On May 25, Kava 10 is scheduled to be upgraded.



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