Hoo Research | A Pearl Dropped in the Token Ocean — Public blockchain events in early June

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3 min readJun 9, 2022


On June 6, 2022, HooSmartChain released the ecological update, Multichain and others have logged in to their ecology, and the Cosmo Origin Project is progressing smoothly.

ICON will further maintain and develop ICON 2.0 in June.

On June 5, XDEFIWallet announced that it would soon support Arbitrum and Fantom networks. At present, these two integrations are still under test.

On June 6, The Masternodes of Defichain has been successfully updated to the latest version 2.8.1.; Parallel twitter claims that Parallel Wallet will be launched soon; A series of suspicious activities occurred in the Mailar of the Elrond ecological DEX project, and the equipment was shut down and maintained.

From June 6 to August 2, Avalanche held Avalanche’s Subnet Tutorial Contest for up to $32k in prizes.

On June 7, Walken of Solana ecological Move to Earn application will be put into public test;

The DeFi aggregator Frontier has been integrated into the Fantom network, allowing users to purchase, send, receive and exchange Fantom eco tokens; Due to the split adjustment of AMZN shares, dAMZN also split tokens synchronously on defichain; Multichain has officially deployed EVM bridge for Kava. Users can now access ERC20 assets; The Graph completes integration with Harmony; Polydex 2.0 is now available in Harmony; Thorchain twitter that it is preparing for the main network upgrade.

Ken Timsit, managing director of Cronos, will give a keynote speech on the next development of Cronos at 3:20 p.m. (CDT)

From June 8 to 23, Gitcoin Grants Round 14.

From June 9 to 12, Many public blockchains, such as Polygon and NEAR, announced their participation in Consensus 2022.

From June 9 to 16, Astar network will host DOT Festival, AstridDAO and others will join

On June 10, Oasis will hold a theme meeting at 01:15, Beijing time: How to succeed in DeFi and Web3?

The application of Zillive incubator program has been open before June 12, and will be conducted from July 14 to November 4.

On June 20, the first phase of BlockPI will be launched in Klaytn.

Review of previous events:

  1. On May 10, Avalanche’s original loan agreement Yeti Finance led the launch of the YUSD-USDC Pool

2. BSC Testnet will undergo a scheduled hardfork on May 11, around 03:18 UTC.

3. Ethereum mainnet shadow fork 3 had no major issues, Mainnet shadow fork 4 planned for May 12

4. Cosmos founder Jae Kwon’s new project Gno.land airdrop snapshot time was advanced to May 19

5. On May 25, Kava 10 is scheduled to be upgraded



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