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3 min readJun 20, 2022

Introduction to D/Bond

D/Bond, formerly known as DeBond, is a decentralized bond ecosystem platform developed based on the ERC-3475 standard. The platform provides visual bond, DEX, wallet and bond derivatives creation tools, which can be used by any institution and individual to design their own bond products with a very low technical threshold, using their own digital assets as collateral through a visual programming interface Fundraising.


ERC-3475 is the Ethereum smart contract interface standard proposed by the D/Bond team specifically for bond products. Compared with ERC-20, this standard pioneered the introduction of decentralized bonds into the blockchain, which can not only be used to issue and manage multiple redeemable bonds, but also create financial derivatives such as futures and options.

Token Economics

DBIT is the settlement currency of the D/Bond decentralized bond ecosystem. It can be used for bond interest payment, secondary market transactions, and on-chain proposals. Its price reflects investors’ confidence in the current bond market, and its price is owned by all the bonds in the bond market. collateral to guarantee. Its release rules are as follows:


1. Trade at any time:

D/Bond can be exchanged at any time, and there is no fixed trading period in the traditional bond market.

2. Low default risk:

According to the smart contract, if the D/Bond expires and is not redeemed, the debtor’s digital assets will be liquidated.

3. Eliminate liquidity risk:

Buying with the option to sell or sell a portion of it on the secondary market, this decentralized sell-off circumvents the well-known liquidity problems of traditional bond markets.

4. No credit risk:

D/Bond also does not affect an individual’s credit score if the bond is not repaid on time.

D/bond profit model

The profit model of the D/Bond platform mainly relies on transaction fees, secondary market and wealth management service fees during redemption.


D/Bond’s team has expertise in the financial and computer fields, and has many years of experience in the blockchain industry:


Many of Debond’s strategic investors have close cooperative relationships with leading trading platforms, leading projects, and media communities. In the future, they can provide Debond with all-round empowerment in terms of exchange traffic, ecological cooperation, and media exposure.


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