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DAOventures is a multi-chain DeFi investment platform for fund managers and crypto investors. #DVD is the token.

DAOventures Logo

Project Highlights:

1. Interface logic optimization, simple operation. Many DeFi products are currently developed by smart contract developers. UX is one of the pain points for users. DAOventures will allow users to directly participate in advanced DeFi products on a simple interface after optimizing the back-end logic, without having to jump out of the platform.

2. Trust and safety. Since many DeFi protocols are eager to get products online, they have loopholes and are easy to be attacked. Therefore, the online products will go through layers of audits.

3. Localization. DAOventures’ main markets are in Asian countries and most of its teams are in Southeast Asian countries. Many regions and countries (especially Asia) have not yet adopted DeFi and they require more localization such as payment methods, user operating habits, regional languages, etc.

Governance Token

The DVD is essentially a governance token for the DAOventures platform, which will be used for governance, voting, consensus, approval, etc., to ensure long-term community participation.

1-Platform Rewards: DVD tokens serve as an incentive mechanism to attract liquidity and the token holders can participate in liquidity mining to obtain profits. DAOventures’ products and platform revenue will also be shared with the DVD community.

2-Transaction Fee: In the later stage DVD can be used as platform transaction fee that is gas.

3-Membership Privileges: DVD holders can enjoy preferential prices when using the fund management and income redemption services of the DAOventures platform.

Product Introduction

DAO Citadel

The strategic investment goal of DAO Citadel is to provide exposure to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other ERC-20 altcoins, while at the same time generating additional returns through liquidity mining by providing liquidity to DEX and lending agreements.

DAO Stonks

The strategic investment goal of DAO Stonks is to provide exposure to synthetic FAANG stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google), while achieving additional returns through the liquidity mining incentives provided by the Mirror agreement.

DAO Metaverse

Metaverse and NFT are experiencing explosive growth and the DAO Metaverse strategy aims to provide exposure to Metaverse related assets and enjoy additional returns by providing liquidity to third party DEX such as Uniswap and Sushi.

Token Information

Total Supply: 15,070,000

Circulation: 9,200,045

Token Online Platform: Hoo Platform

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