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Introduction to EvoVerses

At present, the hottest game in the GameFi market is Axie Infinity, which is a pet battle game. When it comes to pet battles, Pokémon must be mentioned. EvoVerses is a Pokémon style game that uses Virtual Engine 5 and combines DeFi and GameFi, and it has also been optimized in view of the application of Axie Infinity’s game token SLP. Let’s focus on him.

Product Composition

The game will have PVP, story mode and social mode. Evos acts as the pet of the game, and the game itself will establish a DeFi market within the game like Defikingdoms.


It is currently an anonymous team, and the official website clearly states that the team members are relatively young, with members from the United States, Canada, Spain, Germany and many other countries.

Token Economics

As with other popular games like Axie Infinity, two tokens will be used to balance the economy.

EVO: Governance Token

LNX: In-Game Currency Token

Features and assets related to the game and other project layers (such as DeFi services) will use EVO tokens, while in-game-only features will use LNX tokens.

A big problem with Axie Infinity is that its secondary token, SLP, can only be used for breeding in the game, so if it does not need breeding, it has no value. There are too few circulation and consumption channels for tokens, so in order to maintain the value of tokens, they have many uses:

EVO tokens are governance tokens, which can be obtained through exchange purchases, game competitions, game tasks, pledges, etc. EVO can be used to purchase in-game businesses, lands and houses, breed, etc.

Token distribution

The hard cap of EVO tokens is 600,000,000 tokens, and the pre-minted 76,000,000 EVO tokens will be distributed as follows:

Game release plan

EvoVerses currently attracts more attention to the game. It will first be released on Harmony One, which has already received a $50,000 grant from Harmony. It is planned to be released on Polygon at a later date, and will eventually launch on the Cronos chain. It will also consider expanding to other blockchains in the future.

May/June alpha and beta releases for PvP; June/July PvP official release; first two chapters of Story Mode in late summer.

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Discord: https://evoverses.com/discord

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