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3 min readMay 30, 2022

Introduction to Nested

NFTs include pictures and music. But have you ever heard of using portfolios as NFTs? Nested has made it! On Nested, every user can create his portfolio into an NFT. By sharing the NFT of this portfolio, the user can profit from other users’ following investment behaviors.

Product Functions

Nested allows users to manage their portfolios by diverse means, including creating, buying, selling, managing, replicating, and sharing an NFT at the click of a button. Each portfolio includes 12 types of assets at most. The value of this NFT will timely reflect the value of 12 types of assets and support the creator to conduct modification or liquidation at any time.

After an NFT is created, it will directly enter the wallet associated with the user, so that the assets integrated by this NFT can be managed and controlled. Besides, the NFT holder has sole control of this portfolio.

Whenever another user replicates the portfolio as a sub-NFT, the original NFT holder will earn an additional income. Meanwhile, all changes in the original NFT portfolio will be reflected in the sub-NFT portfolio in real time.

In this way, investment green hands can obtain an income by following investment experts, while investment experts share a portion of earnings from investment green hands. Hence everyone will earn money.

Token Economy

As a native token of Nested, NST is mainly used to pay for DAO governance and the discounts of platform fees. The total number is 150 million, with 50% used for ecological development and incentives; 7% for the seed sale; 8% for the strategic sale; 6% for private sale; 1% for public sale; 19% assigned to the team and advisors, 2.75% for the exposure round; 1.75% for the airdrop.


The Nested team consists of experienced, multi-disciplinary elites who strive to escort Nested’s growth. Most members are from world-leading Web3 financial technology companies, including Ledger, Tezos, and Fusion.


Nested completed $750 million of seed financing in March 2022, with prestigious hedge fund founder Alan Howard being the lead investor.


Nested is committed to becoming a DeFi that serves more users. In the future, it will make efforts in built-in social networking, application on mobile terminals, convenient experiences, limited-price transactions, cross-chain aggregation, etc.

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