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2 min readJan 14, 2022


Osmosis is an advanced AMM protocol that uses Cosmos SDK, allowing developers to design, construct, and deploy their customized AMM.

Project introduction:

Cross chain

Osmosis is designed as the native cross chain. It starts constructing IBC inside from the first day so that it can be linked to the entire Cosmos chain ecosystem and can exceed $10B local assets. After integrating native Cosmos assets, Osmosis will integrate with the chain of non-IBC startup, including ERC20s (with Althea gravity bright) based on Ethereum(ETH), and various chains including bitcoin chains, and utilization of custom pegs to replace the intelligent contract platforms.


In Osmosis, the bottom structure of AMM is not hard coded in any content. Swap fees or taken weights in each mobility pool are parameterized. Moreover, curve algorithms and TWAP are completely customizable. The pool creator has no need to make a decision between the product of the constant and the sum of the constant.

Developers have no need to upgrade and start the new AMM protocol for each AMM model but can easily deploy a new curve in Osmosis and utilize existing wallet integration, IBC connection, order flow, and mobility in Osmosis ecosystem.

LP awards

Osmosis allows the third party to add the incentive mechanism to the specific mobility pool. For instance, if the Cosmos Hub community pool wants to motivate ATOM/ stable currency pair mobility, they can use the built-in incentive module of Osmosis to allocate $ATOM awards to pledge LP of its token.

Product page introduction:

Trade: Users can trade assets on Atom ecology.

Pools: Users can provide LP assets inside to gain profits.

Stake: Users can select pledge assets of different nodes. Other programs will conduct air drop according to pledge snapshoot.

Vote: Users can vote the programs and enhance self-liveness to gain awards.

State: The market board is available for checking the situation of relevant assets.

Official Channels:

Telegram: https://t.me/osmosis_chat



Medium: https://medium.com/osmosis

Discord: https://github.com/osmosis-labs/osmosis

Official Website:https://osmosis.zone/



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