Hoo Research | Pearls Dropped in the Token Ocean — TOP20 Blockchain Financing Events in the first half of May 2022

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2 min readMay 19, 2022

The investment and financing events in the first half of May were somewhat lower than before. The largest amount was the financing of $170 million by blockchain data analysis company Chainalysis, followed by Web3 start-up Naeion and exchange KuCoin, both of which were $150 million.

The hottest sector in this period is the financing of the financial sector, which can be divided into three levels: transaction payment, financial services and trading platform.

The first is cryptocurrency transaction payment. OPN, the parent company of Omise, a wired payment solution platform; Token.io, a company committed to building alternative payment technologies to improve cross-border payment methods; BVNK, which provides banking services and payment for encryption native enterprises, and Kevin, a payment start-up.

Secondly, at the level of financial services. Elwood Technologies, a platform to provide cryptocurrency market access and trading services for financial technology companies, asset management companies and other institutional investors; Oasis Pro, which is committed to connecting traditional finance and the world of defi; Financial knowledge platform Copper.

At the level of trading platform, In addition to the exchange KuCoin, there are digital asset institution trading platform Talos and trading platform Bitcoin.com.

In the Web3 sector, the more popular financing is not only Naeion, which is committed to building a professional network on the global chain, but also the Web3 development platform Moralis; And Jambo, which aims to bring Web3 to Africa and create a digital economy center in Africa.

In the NFT sector. Zora, the NFT trading market, completed a seed round financing of US $50 million. Unlike the NFT market of opensea or coinbase, Zora does not use a centralized database to manage NFT, but uses an open on chain protocol.

In the GameFi sector. The P2E game MechaFightClub, which will be launched by Irreverent Labs, a chain game company, is hot recently, and is led by a16z.

Finally, in the data and security sector, in addition to chainalysis for blockchain data analysis, there is also PRISMA, an open-source data platform for larger financing; Solidus Labs, an encryption market monitoring company; Soluna, developer of renewable energy data center.



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