Hoo Research | Pearls Dropped in the Token Ocean — TOP20 Blockchain Financing Events in the second half of May 2022

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2 min readJun 6, 2022

In the second half of May 2022, the largest investment and financing was the $400million financing completed by Kaj Labs through the sale of LITHO Token. Kaj Labs is a decentralized research institution focusing on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, while its Lithosphere is a next-generation cross chain application platform supported by AI and in-depth learning.

The second largest financing is the financing of US $300million from the Southeast Asian digital payment company Xendit.

The last financing of more than US $100 million was the financing of Starkware, the Ethereum layer 2 development company.

The hottest sector in this period is the investment and financing of encryption asset security management. In addition to the digital payment platform Xendit, a large investment and financing platform. There are also encrypted asset management Babel Finance, encrypted asset broker Voyager Digital, focusing on digital security analysis Certora, encryption exchange gopax operator Streami, and encrypted wallet service provider Coins.ph.

Second, the popular financing is the public blockchain. In addition to the layer 2 development company Starkware, Oasis received an additional investment of US $35million, and the layer 2 cross chain agreement Zecrey raised US $6million.

In the NFT sector, the NFT lending platform AKFDAO participated by Hoo Cub Fund completed a private placement of $3million. Congratulations, Hoo. In addition, Hoo also participated in the financing of the blockchain NFT music service platform MeMusic in this period. Incidentally, NFT is also gradually developing in the music sector.

The major financing in the GameFi sector includes GameFi platform GEMS, GameFi company N3twork Studios, and Web3 AR game startup Jadu.

The major financing in the DeFi sector includes the financing of the DeFi agreement iZUMi Finance and the financing of the Dao management platform Common.

The major financing in metaverse sector is APP:BUD. It is worth noting that this project is invested by Netease.

In the blockchain application sector, major financing includes carbon credit trading platform Flowcarbon, Web3 interactive media company Metatheory, and fan cashing platform Fanhouse. These projects are led by a16z, a top investment institution.



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